The maxilla is a name for the upper jaw, and it is made up of several bones stuck (or fused) together, and sits in front of and just below the cranium. It is attached to the cranium and forms the cheeks, the nose, and the roof of the mouth.

  • The maxillary antrum or sinus is the name for the air filled space that sits just under the cheekbone, and just above the roof of the mouth. There is one on each side of the face, either side of the nose.
  • The anterior nasal spine is a bit of bone which protrudes from the maxilla at the lower end of the nose.
  • The zygomatic process is a curved piece of bone which extends outwards from the maxilla and forms part of the cheekbone.
  • The palate is the roof of the mouth, it separates the nose and the mouth: the hard part is called the 'hard palate' and is towards the front of the mouth, and the softer part at the back near the throat is the soft palate.
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