A tooth which is very decayed or damaged, or loose because of gum disease, may have to be extracted (taken out of your mouth). Teeth are sometimes taken out from children's mouths to help other teeth grow straight, when they are crowded.

A local anaesthetic (an injection in your mouth) will be used to numb the tooth before it is extracted; this is the best treatment for most patients.

While the tooth is being taken out you may hear some noise and feel some pressure as the tooth is being eased out - but not any pain. Sometimes stitches are put into the gum to help the mouth heal.

The dentist will give you a pad of gauze to bite on, to stop any bleeding.

The dentist will give you advice on how to look after the space where the tooth was while it is healing; how to use painkillers so you are not in any discomfort when the anaesthetic wears off; and how to contact the practice if there are any problems.